Training efforts in HUMBOLDT are of major importance as they increase the impact and efficacy of the project outcomes by providing selected training tools and actions for the user communities of the HUMBOLDT Tools and Services, the communities of GMES and INSPIRE, and in a more general context, the geospatial data harmonisa­tion interest community.

The promotion and provision of training initiatives is supported by the HUMBOLDT Training Framework which is structured in three components: The Training Package, the Training Material and the Training Platform.
All components were provided by members of the consortium, both in terms of knowledge and software products, and have been improved and updated continuously during the last months. In this context, special emphasis should be placed on the training material developed by the project scenarios. Their demonstrators provide a comprehensive and clear step-by-step approach on how the HUMBOLDT Tools and Services can be used to deal with data harmonisation aspects in different application domains. We believe that these examples will be of great help and value to the respective user communities.

The HUMBOLDT consortium invites you to visit and test the Training Framework. Suggestions and contributions are highly welcome.

Training Package Website

As the main entrance to all training aspects related to HUMBOLDT, this website explore and get all the information about the HUMBOLDT training offering and infrastructure. Interested people can easily access the training material by subscribing to the desired training modules.

To access the training material, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the HUMBOLDT Training Platform,
  2. Access the HUMBOLDT Training Framework,
  3. Subscribe to the training modules of your interest,
  4. Enter the courses you are interested in.

The Training Material

The HUMBOLDT Training Material is structured in a modular and flexible way according to a net-based learning approach, mainly in form of lectures and interactive tutorials. The material was developed in three content levels:

Level 1

The first content level includes training material related to basic knowledge useful to operate with the HUMBOLDT Framework. Courses of this level furthermore deal with data harmonisation concepts, basics of data modelling, principles of schema matching and mapping as well as the INSPIRE Directive in general and its relation to HUMBOLDT.

The HUMBOLDT Entrance Test assists you to identify the level of your "pre-knowledge" in handling the HUMBOLDT Framework before entering the Modules.

Level 2

This second level is aimed at providing training on data harmonisation and the HUMBOLDT Tools and Services. The module »Data Harmonisation with the HUMBOLDT Framework« has been finished and two modules on the HUMBOLDT Tools and Services are under development. These modules will complement the HUMBOLDT Community Website information giving tutored exercises for the HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor (HALE) and the Edge Matching Service.

Level 3

The third level, finally, is specifically addressed to users and organisations involved in the HUMBOLDT Application Scenarios as well as to all people interested in using the HUMBOLDT Framework, Tools and Services.
The goal of the HUMBOLDT Scenarios is to demonstrate the framework in real world conditions. Therefore, a specific level of training addressed to the scenarios can be of great help to support the project policy of users' involvement, tuned to end-users.
The training material for each scenario is organized in two components:

  • Component 1 »Scenario general overview« provides a general background about the scenario domain and learning objectives, the relation to INSPIRE, the general harmonisation needs, the specific use cases and data used.
  • Component 2 »Scenario interaction with the HUMBOLDT Framework« is structured according to different application cases of scenarios and provides implementation examples using one or various tools of the Framework. This component offers training material in the form of tutored step-by-step data harmonisation processes or screencast videos of the key steps of the process. For some scenarios, sample data is available for download, so you can reproduce the tests at home.

The Training Platform

This platform was established on existing open source e-learning tools and constitutes the infrastructure hosting the training modules and training material. The platform was set up decentralised (training material is hosted in different locations in Italy and Sweden) and allows for monitoring the user progress and students/teachers interaction. All HUMBOLDT courses are currently also listed in the VESTA-GIS project training framework catalogue.