Promitheas Business Innovation Center Limited (PRO)


Promitheas (www.promitheas.com) is a for-profit networked incubator created to consolidate and promote the efforts of a group of professionals and consultancy firms to create Cyprus’ first private high technology business “Incubator”, within the framework of the Program for the creation of new enterprises of high technology and innovation through Business Incubators under the Cyprus Government’s New Industrial Policy as applied by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

The main aim of Promitheas is to enable businesses and individuals to nurture new business production ideas in a flexible and supportive environment. Moreover, Promitheas aims to promote entrepreneurship, new business creation, young people’s initiatives for self-employment, and create the infrastructure for applied industrial research and development, and new project development and demonstration.

Promitheas is in close contact with Cyprus’ best-qualified industrialists, bankers, lawyers, accountants, government planners and venture capitalists and maintains active relationships with Universities, Research Centres and individuals from abroad. Promitheas offers Technological Incubator Services to entrepreneurs and newly established enterprises, as well as existing companies of varying sizes wishing to develop activities related to the implementation of innovative technologies.

Promitheas has valuable experience and know-how in compiling business plans and facilitating feasibilities studies and marketing research related to bringing innovative products and services from the drawing board to the market.