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Humboldt provides open source software and tools for a broad variety of different user types, i.e. for data custodians as well as for end-users of spatial information.

Are you a software developer?
If you would you like to work on the Open Source Humboldt Framework directly or to implement software by integrating some of its components, the "Developing Software" section of the Community Website contains all information of your interest.
Are you offering geodata?
Do you take interest in the Humboldt Toolset to support your generic data harmonisation requirements and the data processing you are responsible for? Please have a look at the "Using Software" section of the Community Website where you can find all available tools and where you can stay informed about the current development status.
Do you have to work with heterogeneous geodata in your daily business?
If you need to combine various data sources and harmonise them to make use of them for a specific purpose, the Humboldt Toolset can serve your generic data harmonisation requirements and support data processing. Moreover, the Humboldt Framework can work as a basis for custom-made software. All information you need is available at the Humboldt Community Website.
Please take into your consideration also the Humboldt Application Scenarios that illustrate the benefits of using the Humboldt software.
Do you use geographical data or spatial information and are you facing problems related to data heterogeneity?
Please try the Humboldt Toolset available at the Community Website to meet your generic data harmonisation needs and also take a look at the Humboldt Application Scenarios which might match your activity area.

In case you do not find yourself described in one of the user groups above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Humboldt also offers a Training Platform with courses available for free registration. The different course levels are targeted at users with different backgrounds and previous knowledge. More information on the HUMBOLDT Training Framework can be found here.

The Humboldt Newsletter keeps you informed about the ongoing activities and the project status. You can subscribe for the Newsletter here.